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About us

While our clients have wide-ranging needs, they all look for an authenticated professional trusted and reliable partner to help meet their goals in alignment with the mission of the organizations they serve. We help institutions deliver all aspects of services from strategy designation, implantation and optimization to reporting and oversight, through experienced global team represent multiple cultures and based in Ireland. Working together with our clients, we take an objective, clear approach, translate their wish into tangible successful achievements’ to each specific need, and can work with them during all stages of the relationship

Our Services


We enhance media function in societies that plays a vital role in transmitting knowledge and raising awareness among individuals in order to optimize their quality of life.


We strongly believe that education is the corner stone of achieving human development objectives.


Is one of the most important skills we provide organisations and institutions with to empower their ability for promoting values and delivering practical information to their society.



To reinforce values and bringing people together.


Improving organizations and institutions performance to guarantee the best service for the society.

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Irish Cultural Council
26 Nelson street
D7 Dublin, Ireland

Email info@irishculturalcouncil.com